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Monaco Foundry is your gateway to global opportunities, an internationally-oriented sweat equity boutique accelerator committed to nurturing early-stage startups.

Since our inception in 2020, we've been dedicated to equipping startups with the tools and knowledge they need to scale, achieve investment readiness, and navigate the complex journey of making an IPO or securing an acquisition. We're dedicated to turning startups into industry leaders. What sets us apart is our close collaboration with Nasdaq Dubai, a subsidiary of Dubai Financial Markets, and Nasdaq New York, through which we introduce the cream of our startup crop to the world of IPOs. Join us in co-creating a brighter and more innovative future!

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Unleashing Startup potential

Join our Venture Studio or MyFoundry digital platform with a few clicks, connecting your assets globally.

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Got an MVP but struggling to find your product-market fit? Need introductions to potential clients or assistance in negotiations with investors or buyers? Our experienced team is here to empower your venture. We operate on a sweat-equity basis, aligning with your journey's success. Drop us a message to be considered for our Venture Studio!

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Fundraise on MyFoundry platform

As a startup founder in need of fundraising support, we have the solution for you! Join our MyFoundry ecosystem and gain access to a global network of over 10,000 potential investors. Getting listed is entirely free – simply go through our customized accreditation process, submit your Company brief, and once approved by our admin, your company will instantly be exposed to a vast network of investors worldwide. Join us today and take your fundraising journey to the next level!

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