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Antony Branco Lopes
Co-Founder & CEO of Spectre Biotech, France
"Monaco Foundry is our trusted partner to help realise our goal to democratise brain imaging and make it as simple as a blood test. We have developed a unique brain scanning device that can diagnose brain injuries in minutes and predict long-term chronic conditions such as ADHD, autism, schizophrenia/bipolar conditions, depression, and Alzheimer's. With Monaco Foundry's unique platform, MyFoundry, they have managed to transform what has been the most nerve-racking part of being a founder - fund raising - into a pleasant experience saving us time. As founders we get our data room in minutes and quickly get matched to investors that share our vision."
Dr. Jelena Vulevic
Co-Founder & CEO of veMico, UK
"At veMico, we want to turn microbes into allies that extend healthy living. Monaco Foundry is veMico's important ally on its mission to slow down the aging process and make people live healthier and happier lives. As a small team of microbiology, biotechnology, and healthcare experts we are driven by our passion for research and we want to focus as much as possible on accomplishing our mission.Monaco Foundry helps us curate an effective investor data room that answers most questions investors have, allowing us to spend more time and energy on research and product development?
Matiss Katanenko
InLable, Latvia
"We found that fundraising while developing our product was an arduous stressful task. As founders, instead of chasing capital, we naturally prefer to develop our product - an anti-counterfeiting solution that we are convinced will disrupt the world and eliminate fake drugs and medical devices. There is a sense of urgency when we know that fake drugs kill over 250,000 children each year.Thanks to Monaco Foundry's unique platform, we can now raise funds from a larger pool of investors and more securely. While we are based out of a small country, we are also looking forward to networking with other founders and investors virtually thanks to FoundryLand."
Dr. Douglas Miller
BioSapient, USA
"What I appreciate the most about Monaco Foundry is how easy it is to use MyFoundry, their new innovative platform. It is very intuitive and clear even for those who do not have much business experience, which is the case for many founders who have a hard time navigating through the fundraising process. Monaco Foundry consistently delivers on their promise to protect start-up founders and it is always a pleasure working with them. I would highly recommend using Monaco Foundry for anybody looking to raise money for their company."
Wilhelm Myrer
Empower, Norway
"With Monaco Foundry we have a collaborative partnership where we share ideas, vision, and our business plan. The main goal for both of us is to solve the immediate problems the world is facing and make a real impact on the environment. At Empower we do that by generating value out of plastic waste while Monaco Foundry empowers our company to make deals with investors who truly care about what we are building."
Dr. Francois Silhol
Diplosystem, France
"Investors seek transparency and it is not always obvious to founders what is meant by that. Monaco Foundry offers a real solution with its accreditation and monitoring system. We simply had to complete a step-by-step comprehensive due diligence form that helped us create a true investor data room. We save investors time by sharing our data with complete transparency. Monaco Foundry has helped us speed up the fundraising process."
Fabio Grandi
4Bases, Switzerland
"The fundraising process with Monaco Foundry is one of the best choices a busy founder can make. It is easy to navigate through their platform and add everything that an investor would want to see.What we liked the most was earning the trust score by completing their assessment process which then allows our company to be showcased in front of many investors who can directly contact us with their offers. Monaco Foundry is simply revolutionising the fundraising process as founders are contacted by investors instead of us spending time pitching to investors. "