Why Was Monaco Foundry Created?

Most startups fail due to a lack of funding, so we created a platform to match investors and founders based on a widely accepted benchmark of investment readiness.

The aim is to increase trust and improve the success rate of early-stage startups. By leveraging data and the Monaco Foundry Trust Score, we ensure high quality founders find high quality investors and have the infrastructure to streamline the investment process.

What Is MyFoundry?

MyFoundry is a platform that matches founders with investors and streamlines the investment process. It does this by creating a centralized database of startups and active investors, as well as offering a single place for all investment documentation.

Investors can view, manage, analyze and invest in startups from the MyFoundry platform. Similarly, founders can prepare, pitch, and close their fundraising round from the MyFoundry platform.

Monaco Foundry Is NOT

A crowdfunding platform, an incubator, an accelerator, an investor, or a platform that provides tax, legal or investment advice.

Monaco Foundry is an intermediary platform that matches investors with founders, helps startups prepare for fundraising, and helps investors analyze investment opportunities in private equity.

Does Monaco Foundry Charge a Fee?

Signing up to MyFoundry is free for founders, investors and portfolio managers.

Monaco Foundry charges investors a percentage share of any deals that are facilitated through the platform. Fundraising is free for startup founders.

How Do I Raise Capital on MyFoundry?

Create an account on MyFoundry, generate your “Company brief”, receive your MF Trust Score and then publish your profile to get exposure to MyFoundry’s network of investors. Assuming you are investment ready, you will be matched with investors that suit your fundraising needs. The higher your MF Trust Score, the more likely you are to match with investors.

How Do I Invest Through MyFoundry?

Investors can use our web-based platform or the MyFoundry app to get exposure to accredited investment opportunities. Investors can filter by country, sector, impact, values, and deal specifics.

MyFoundry provides critical data (deck, founder’s video pitch, dataroom etc.) to facilitate and streamline the screening and due diligence process. Investing is made easier through standardized company profiles, allowing straightforward comparisons between companies. Investors can choose to make a direct investment or create an SPV using MyFoundry Dealroom.

Getting Started with a Free Account

Join for free by following the sign-up link.

Founders: Sign up and then simply begin the onboarding process of your company to the platform.

Investors: By signing up you will receive an email link to the MyFoundry platform. From there you will be given access to the MyFoundry Dashboard where you can begin browsing accredited investment opportunities.

Portfolio Managers: Similar to investors, you will be given access to the MyFoundry Dashboard where you can begin onboarding your assets to your portfolio.

How Does Startup Accreditation Work?

Step 1: Company Brief.
Sign up to MyFoundry and begin creating your company profile.

Step 2: Generate your MF Trust Score.
Answer the bespoke assessment questions to generate your company’s MF Trust Score. The higher your Trust Score, the more likely you are to secure investment. Feedback is available for companies that want to strengthen their score.

Step 3: Entrepreneurial Assessment.
Take our entrepreneurial assessment to generate a score specific to the founder(s). This allows the algorithm to estimate the likelihood of company success.

Once you have completed all 3 steps, the data you have provided is populated in your Company Brief.

What is the Monaco Foundry Trust Score?

The MF Trust Score is a percentage number between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the more attractive you are to investors.

To calculate the score, the Trust Score questionnaire data is combined with analysis from the MF team and weighted according to a proprietary algorithm. The Trust Score evaluates the strength of key factors such as the team, the idea, the product, and the distribution strategies.

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