For Universities

Free innovation ecosystem for universities

Unleash the potential of your university with our solution - in just days, you can construct your very own private equity ecosystem. Bring your students' projects on board, allowing you to list their IP even before company incorporation. With our unified view of all assets, building your portfolio becomes a breeze. Invite investors, facilitate introductions, and infuse your ecosystem with boundless energy! Elevate your university's innovation landscape and foster entrepreneurship like never before!


Custom Branding

Fully customized design including your logo, colors, and branded link.

Advanced Analytics

Track updates, social activity, scoring changes, and automate reports.

Security & Compliance

GDPR compliance, access control, and protection of personal data.


Everything you need in one place

Bring all the stakeholders to your platform and marvel at the progress of the self-sufficient Ecosystem you have built!

Founders onboarding

Experience a unique accreditation process to onboard and filter all new applicants including:

  • Standardized « Company Briefs »
  • MF Trust Score to assess investment readiness
  • Founder Score to get more insights
  • Deep Team Assessment
  • Private and secure Data Room

Investors onboarding

Gather your investors on the platform, and create custom deal rooms tailored to their preferences:

  • Unified view of assets
  • Intuitive filtering
  • Live assets updates
  • Chat with founders
  • SPV creation

Portfolio management

Onboard and monitor your assets in one place, follow news & social media activity:

  • Smooth onboarding
  • Automated reports
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Data points collection
  • Reports archives

Advanced capabilities

Streamline, Monitor, Grow

Unlock the full potential of your ecosystem by requesting your own white-labeled platform today!


Close the round faster by being matched with the right investors.


Take better decisions with continuos monitoring of your assets.


Access verified experts and exclusive offers to make your life easier.


Do you have any other questions ?

Why get the white label version of MF Platform?

With the white label version, you can customize the platform with your logo and colors, making it uniquely yours. Onboard startups seamlessly, centralize your portfolio for easy management, utilize our accreditation process to filter and vet new entrants, seamlessly connect startups with your network of investors, all within a single, unified platform. Additionally, our portfolio management tools offer you the ability to closely monitor and stay in control of your investment portfolio. The white label MF platform empowers you to streamline and optimize your engagement with startups and investors, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to create your own private equity ecosystem within days!

How Can I Get My White Labeled Platform?

If you've already watched our platform video demo and are eager to set up a white-labeled platform tailored to your business, the process is simple. Just get in touch with us today to request the free version. We'll ask you to provide us with your logo and primary brand colors. Within just a few days, you'll receive a link to access your very own customized platform. The best part? Requesting your private equity ecosystem is entirely free of charge. Don't hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards enhancing your business operations and investor interactions.

How Do I Create My Ecosystem?

Once you've received your personalized white-labeled platform link, the power is in your hands! Here's how to get started:

Founders Workspace
: Share the link with your founders. They can then create an account and set up their "Founder Workspace" to begin the accreditation process for their startups.

Investor Workspace
: Share the link with your investors. They, too, will create an account and establish an "Investor Workspace." In this space, they can explore and review investment opportunities that have been approved by your team.

Portfolio Manager Workspace
: Share the link with your internal team. They can create an account and create a "Portfolio Manager Workspace" to efficiently onboard your portfolio companies and keep a close watch on their performance.

With your white-labeled platform, you're all set to facilitate interactions between founders, investors, and your internal team within a single, cohesive ecosystem.

Do you also take care of investments though the MF Platform?

Please be aware that Monaco Foundry is not a financial institution, and as such, we are not financially regulated. We do not engage in any financial transactions, investment activities, or manage funds. Monaco Foundry offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to facilitate the connection of founders with potential investors. Any financial dealings or investment decisions made as a result of interactions on our platform are at the sole discretion and responsibility of the parties involved. Users are encouraged to exercise due diligence and seek independent financial or legal advice when considering or entering into any financial arrangements. Monaco Foundry disclaims all liability in connection with financial transactions and investments made independently by users of our services.

What is the MF Trust Score?

The MF Trust Score is a percentage number between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the more attractive you are to investors.

To calculate the score, the Trust Score questionnaire data is combined with analysis from the MF team and weighted according to a proprietary algorithm.

The Trust Score evaluates the strength of key factors such as the team, the idea, the product, and the distribution strategies.`It is crucial to emphasize that the MF Trust Scores provided on our platform are intended solely for informational and reference purposes. These scores are generated through proprietary algorithms and data analysis but should not be considered as definitive indicators of whether a startup represents a good investment opportunity. Investing in startups carries inherent risks, and it is vital for all investors to conduct their own thorough due diligence, assess risk factors, and seek professional financial advice before making any investment decisions. The MF Trust Scores should be regarded as a starting point in your evaluation process, but should not substitute comprehensive research and an understanding of the inherent risks associated with startup investments.

Monaco Foundry disclaims all liability in connection with investment decisions based solely on our MF Trust Scores, and users are encouraged to exercise prudent judgment and caution when considering investment opportunities.

See MF Platform in Action

Start by watching a video demo of the platform or request you own version today with no upfront cost or subscription