Would you rather spend a 100 euros in a restaurant or on a magic ticket that would give you direct contact to a former economic advisor of a US president, an F1 team owner, the former COO of Merck and 20 more stellar individuals anytime and anywhere to help you build a startup that can change the world?

In its quest to increase success in early-stage companies, the Foundry has created this magic ticket under the form of a limited collection of 10 NFTs named "The Entrepreneur's Club", which would give the holder access to a private channel with all senior partners of the Monaco Foundry including:


  •  A Former economic advisor to the President of the United States 

  • Former minister for digital and later for Health of the United Kingdom

  • Former COO of Merck's healthcare business, IBM Watson, former head of BD 

  • Founding board member of Cambridge Quantum computing

  • Founder of a VC Incubator, with successful IPO experience 

  • Former CTO of Equifax and successful multiple start-up founder 

  • Global ambassador for Women's Entrepreneur Day, on the Advisory Council to UNICEF 

  • Emotional Intelligence and Brain Profile assessment expert with Columbia and MIT 

  • F1 Team Owner 

  • Former Dean of New York Medical College 

  • Former CFO of Sanofi 

  • Lead for Waymo driverless cars at Google X 

  • Founder of and builder of the Dyson brand from the ground up 

  • Former senior advisor: US Congress and The Ashcroft Group (former Attorney General John Ashcroft)  

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