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MONACO FOUNDRY’s Young Leaders Board, the voice of the next generation of entrepreneurs

The MONACO FOUNDRY has created a Young Leaders Board where young entrepreneurs can come together to develop and scale their ideas. Too often, young adults get easily discouraged and overwhelmed with the idea of pitching a new idea to those that might be able to help them. Spearheaded by the Senior Partners of MONACO FOUNDRY, this group gives this next generation of leaders a real voice. They learn to think strategically and get real insight and first-hand experience into the inner-workings of building a startup.

Fabrice Marquet, Co-Founder of MONACO FOUNDRY, said “Our personal opinion is that there is a desperate need to help and guide young entrepreneurs as early as possible. There is nowhere for this next generation of leaders to share their ideas and get the support they need to develop those ideas. Too many are afraid or think no one will listen to them. Things need to change. We strongly believe that we should do our part to empower the next generation and give them all the opportunities and support to give their innovative ideas a real chance to be developed into a true business opportunity.”

Fabrice Marquet continues, “We seek like-minded young entrepreneurs and leaders who are tired of the old ways of doing business and want a real voice. We want to hear how they think, which projects they want to build, and how they want to make the world a better place for all. Our values are simple, we want to work with kind people and help the young entrepreneurs get the jump start they need to make their ideas a reality.”

Guillaume Chatelain, one of the first to join the Young Leaders Board, says, “It is an amazing opportunity to find yourself surrounded by young people driven by success in all facets of the industry. From seasoned executives to young entrepreneurs, we are all there to share ideas and help grow those ideas into reality. The diversity in this team is really a key factor in our pursuit of success and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of It.”

Santiago Cervantes, one of the most active members of the Young Leaders Board, said "The Young Leaders Board is a place where disruptive ideas are presented and met with candid, constructive feedback by a diverse group of young people. While on the Board, I have met incredibly talented founders, and have formed great relationships with my peers."

Young entrepreneurs, want a voice and learn from the best? Join the MONACO FOUNDRY’s Young Leaders Board to share your ideas and get the support you need to develop them.

Contact us today at monaco@monacofoundry.com!

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