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MF Adds Clean, Purified & Sustainable Drinking Water Solution to its Portfolio

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We are thrilled to add Crystal Water Group to our portfolio. The mission of the business is to provide the cleanest and tastiest water possible to all consumers globally. The Crystal Water solution allows existing tap water to be purified to the high standards of Scandinavian mineral stream water, a pioneering solution offering healthy, sustainable drinking water worldwide, whilst assisting in the reduction of transportation, pollution and wastage from plastic or glass water bottles.

Crystal Water Group has been the passion project of Tommy Boserup and his team since 2013. With their recognised water specialists and a strong technical team, they have created beautiful and effective products with traditional Scandinavian designs. They plan to expand the public’s appreciation of pure and revitalised drinking water by offering solutions which allow everyone to access “The Norwegian mountain stream” in their own homes. The company will offer innovative and sustainable solutions to purify and transform tap water, improving its taste and with their technology extract impurities and re-infuses water with a correct balance of minerals and nutrients that are otherwise removed with mass purification techniques. With their innovative engineering and design solutions, they are able to offer a range of elegant and effective products at affordable prices which we believe will allow them to become a significant player in the market.

The MONACO FOUNDRY is delighted to have Crystal Water onboard and look forward to working with Tommy and his team to launch the proposition globally. Arnon Woolfson, Senior Partner at the MONACO FOUNDRY, added “We are excited to work with a driven, successful and passionate entrepreneur like Tommy Boserup. His vision to fix what is a major global issue for us all is 100% aligned with what Monaco Foundry stands for. Having access to mineral water quality water coming from a London tap via the Crystal Water device is game-changing and not something I knew was possible. The additional positive environmental impact this product delivers, made this company a no-brainer for us to get behind.”

For more information, please visit the Crystal Water Group's website ttps://www.crystal-water.com/


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