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Out of 150 million startups launched each year, only 0.05% receive venture capital. Our mission is to increase the success-rate of early-stage companies so we have created a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to build the companies of tomorrow.


THIS PLATFORM IS made FOR YOU, it will help you:

  • Get assessed and become part of a community of peers and investors to help you grow your business

  • Get an idea of where you stand against your competitors

  • Get help in our learning hub from experts, fellow entrepreneurs, service providers and the rest of our community to help you bridge your gaps 

  • Exposure to the accredited pull of investors & potential customers

  •  Find mentors, directors or future partners!

Are you an INVESTOR, VC, Accelerator or Incubator?

Do you need:

  • Access to an accredited deal flow with a transparent accreditation protocol

  • User friendly application to filter & narrow opportunity selection

  • Online Data-Room at your fingertips

  • Continuous Monitoring of startups

  • Streamlined process for portfolio management

  • Human interaction system (send tasks & evaluate results)

We’ll connect different players within the same operating system: founders, mentors, advisers, investors, are all able to be matched according to their identity profile. Data gathered is used to create a deep data mapping with a global overview of trends, success factors and risks of the startup industry per market, as well as a detailed view of investors behavior, preferences and decision making processes.


This knowledge is the base for our cutting edge AI-driven “prediction algorithm”. The data will enable us to better understand startups, SMEs and investors, by providing unprecedented insights to better assist entrepreneurs in building innovative companies of tomorrow in addition to helping investors pick startups with the highest probability of success.


By analyzing early stage ventures we are able to give a score of the possible success outcome to better guide investor and entrepreneur decisions.

The main feature of our platform will be a decentralized accreditation process, designed to pinpoint key achievements for each startup during their growth journey and provide it with an accreditation stamp when certain milestones are met. We do this in order to create a pool of accredited companies within an ecosystem where investors can safely, confidently and transparently analyze opportunities but also where talent and service providers can meet, find and transact in a unique immersive community.


The MyFoundry App aims to build trust between startups and investors with its proprietary accreditation to assess and support a startup in its journey. Founders will have the opportunity to create their data room before running through a continuous assessment process to identify their strengths and weaknesses in different areas such as EQ (emotional intelligence) of management, IP (intellectual property), legal documents and financials including their  carbon footprint impact. This accreditation process helps startups progress, increase transparency and facilitate investors’ decision-making. Once accredited, the platform will provide a range for the company’s valuation, its investor prospectus and fact sheet and put them in front of the investors with matching criteria.  

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