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The world’s first web3 platform for entrepreneurs.

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Out of 300 million startups launched each year, only 0.05% receive venture capital. Our mission is to increase the success-rate of early-stage companies so we have created a platform for entrepreneurs, investors and more to build the companies of tomorrow.


THIS PLATFORM IS made FOR YOU, it will help you:

  • Get assessed and become part of a community of peers and investors to help you grow your business

  • Get an idea of where you stand against your competitors

  • Get help in our learning hub from experts, fellow entrepreneurs, service providers and the rest of our community to help you bridge your gaps

  • Get exposure to the accredited pool of investors & potential customers

  • Find mentors, directors or future partners!

Are you an INVESTOR? 

Do you need:

  • Access to an accredited deal flow with a transparent accreditation protocol

  • User friendly application to filter & narrow opportunity selection

  • Online Data-Room at your fingertips

  • Continuous Monitoring of startups

Would you rather spend a 100 euros in a restaurant or on a magic ticket that would give you direct contact to a former economic advisor of a US president, an F1 team owner, the former COO of Merck and 20 more stellar individuals anytime and anywhere to help you build a startup that can change the world?


In its quest to increase success in early-stage companies, Monaco Foundry has created this magic ticket under the form of a limited collection of 10 NFTs named "The Entrepreneur's Club", which would give the holder access to a private channel with all senior partners of the Monaco Foundry.