The Monaco Foundry Venture Model


We become part of your company. A fair equity stake from all member companies we help building and advising. To be discussed with each company individually based on the level of help needed. Our goal is to be your long-term partner.

Corporate Investors /Governments

We carefully screen early-stage startups to bring you the best, investment opportunities. Offering independent agreements on consulting for corporate, investors and governments.

The Network

The team that makes you win. We are Serial Entrepreneurs, former Senior Government Advisors and Fortune 500 Executives, who unlike traditional passive investors or consultants, actively help you build your company.

Shared Risk

The reward business model. Our values are grounded in principles of fairness. We fiercely oppose people who take advantage of start-ups.

Additional Services

Deeper engagement. We offer additional business development resources through a mixed consulting fees / sweat equity model.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships never go out of style. We regularly seek partners with complementary capabilities to gain access to new markets and channels, share knowledge, infrastructure, gain reward and reduce risk.